Duo Team Wheelchair Race

This is an all-ages, non-competitive, recreational, safe-pace race, like a fun run, but in registered teams of pairs. A Duo Wheelchair team is comprised of one official registered Racer (Rider) in their own ADA wheelchair and one official registered Runner (Pusher). There is no age limit*. It could be a child pushing a grandparent with a disability in a wheelchair or any family member/friend pushing a child with a disability in a wheelchair, with the following requirements:

  • Both Racer (Rider) and Runner (Pusher) must be officially registered and wear a race bib with matching numbers for the entire race.
  • The Rider must be in their own regular everyday wheelchair and not a customized racing chair.
  • The Rider must have a disability and wear a helmet for the entire race.
  • *One person on the team must be of Diamond Kid age (2-17 years old). It could be either the Rider or the Pusher. The other person on the team may be a child or adult of any age.
  • The Rider must be secured in the wheelchair for the entire race.
  • The same official Pusher must push the same official Rider the entire distance. No substitutions.
  • The Pusher must maintain contact and control with the wheelchair at all times 
  • The Rider and Pusher must be connected with a tether at all times.
  • Only the registered Rider is allowed to ride in the chair.
  • Motors, gears, pedals or cranks are not permitted.
  • There will be a specific Duo Team Wheelchair start time, but no separate waves within the division. 
  • Duo Teams will self-evaluate their abilities and line up at the starting line with fastest estimates in the front to slowest in the back.
  • The same finish line will be used for all races and all divisions.
  • Duo Team and other AWD participants will have ADA parking and toilets near the race (available only to ADA athletes).