Race Policies

The following are policies that apply to the conducting of the Diamond Kids Junior Triathlon, Fun Run, Strider Ride, and Diaper Dash:

Wave Starts

The parent/guardian is responsible for getting the athlete to the event with sufficient time to be completely set up before the 7:30 athlete orientation meeting at the pool. Swimmers are started and timed by pre-assigned numbers. Missing the start time will mean missing the event. The organizers will try to accommodate any unusual circumstances but there is no guarantee that such can be done.

Swim Aids

Swim aids such as kickboards or flotation devices will be allowed. No performance enhancing devices such as fins or noodles (pulled by someone else) will be allowed, except for athletes in the parent-assist category where anything goes.

Parent/Guardian Assistance

Adult swim assistance will be permitted in the Parent-Assist category only. Assisted athletes (other than physically challenged athletes) will not be eligible for podium awards (i.e., 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in age group). All athletes will get a participation medal. Athletes must provide their own flotation devices, if needed.

No Bikes on Race Course Except for Registered Children. This includes parents in the parent assist category and parents on the Fun Run and Strider Race. NO ADULTS ON BIKES. Parents in the parent assist category may run alongside their registered child on the bike course. They must be on foot with hands free to assist their child as needed, ie: pushing them up the hills and slowing them down the hills.

Training Wheels

Training wheels will be allowed.


Athletes not finishing the event may receive a participant’s medal and goody bag. Non-finishers will have no posted times.


Athletes who finish the race but do not complete the total distance of the course (e.g., less than the required laps, short-cutting the course) will be disqualified. Unsportsman-like conduct is also grounds for disqualification. Volunteers will be monitoring the course and Transition Area for infractions. Disqualified athletes will receive a participation medal but will be ineligible for podium awards (i.e., 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in age group) and will not have their times posted.


The upper age limit is 17 years old by the end of the year. There is no set lower age limit but parents/guardians should assess the child’s abilities to complete the prescribed course. The Diamond Kids Triathlon is conducted to be a positive experience and no child should be entered that is not going to benefit from the experience. Being asked to perform beyond one’s abilities may not be a positive experience.

Physically or Mentally Challenged Athletes

The parent/guardian of a physically or mentally challenged athlete is welcome to contact the event organizers in advance to make arrangements for any special needs.


There are no relay teams. The Parent Assist category counts as a team, but not a relay team as both the parent and child will be doing the race together. Only one athlete is permitted per race number.

Transition and Finish Corral Areas​

No parents or guardians are permitted in the Transition Area and Finish Corral 

Except for special needs circumstances with younger children. The Finish Corral is the chute before the finish. Parents may stand behind the finish line (out of the way) to celebrate with their child, or run along the outside of the finish line chute. Volunteers will be present to assist the athletes and to restrict access. Permission to enter to assist an athlete must be granted by the entrance monitor. This restriction is to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all of the athletes. If a child needs help with something in transition, such as tying his/her shoes that can be done outside of transition, we suggest a meeting spot just outside of the transition gate (out of the way) is planned with the child and parent/guardian before the race. Parents may communicate with their children in transition from outside the perimeter.

Conducted Rain or Shine