DK Bike Course


a country mile…

Each lap is one mile long.  Parent Assist racers will follow this course once, (unless they are super fast, then twice), Sprint and Long course do not have options because theirs are timed races.  Sprint racers will follow this course twice, and Long Course racers will do four laps.  We will have lap counters, but it is a good idea to keep track of your own laps, too, so you know when to turn into the transition area. 

You are all welcome at anytime to come to Blue Diamond to pre-ride the course.  It may be a good idea to familiarize yourselves with the hilly terrain.  Traffic will not be blocked except for during the race, so please exercise extreme caution and obey all traffic signs even if it seems like there isn’t any traffic. 

No Bikes on Race Course Except for Registered Children. This includes parents in the parent assist category and parents on the Fun Run and Strider Race. NO ADULTS ON BIKES. Parents in the parent assist category may run alongside their registered child on the bike course. They must be on foot with hands free to assist their child as needed, ie: pushing them up the hills and slowing them down the hills.

Training Wheels

Training wheels will be allowed.