2013 DK ANGEL-Sullivan “Super Hero” Mainor

Sullivan Mainor Super Hero
Super Hero Sully Mainor at Color Me Run 2012

Sully Mainor was a nine year old third grader at Ober Elementary School.  He enjoyed his friends, Mixed Martial Arts, and playing with super heroes.  His favorite super hero was the Incredible Hulk. 


His favorite color was green and he liked turtles and desert tortoises.  He also enjoyed riding his bike.  He was a fierce competitor and loved to run in races.  He also won first place in a MMA tournament.  One of his favorite things to do was compete in the Diamond Kid Triathlon. 


However, that wasn’t all he did.  Sully was a very caring, kind, thoughtful, generous boy.  He enjoyed making his friends laugh and always had a kind word or deed to say or do. Unfortunately, Sully left us too soon.  He died on January 15, 2013.  We will always remember Sully as the caring and generous boy that he was toward others. 


The Diamond Kid logo for this year is a green DK super hero theme honoring this very special Diamond Kid. His legacy will be carried on as 300 Diamond Kid triathletes will be running the Sully green hero theme on their shirts in honor of their fellow racer’s super hero-like caring and energetic spirit.  And the parking donations will go to Special Olympics in Sully’s name.  Sully would have liked this because he was a very generous boy who loved to donate to people in need.  God bless the Diamond Kids for racing, for donating, and for carrying on this super legacy.  God bless you Sully.  And all Diamond Kids, come be a super hero this June 15, 2013, and every day.




2013 DK Charity is Special Olympics 

Your parking donation of $2 or more this year goes straight to Special Olympics in Sully’s name.  DK, Special Olympics and Sully, a perfect fit.  Special Olympics is dedicated to serving the community, in special needs, athletics, and beyond, inspiring courage wherever they go.  Diamond Kid is honored to race for this great cause in Sully’s name.  The charity part is easy, you don’t have to go out and get pledges or collect donation items, food, or clothing, just pay a cash donation of $2 or more for your parking pass.  You may donate cash only in the morning of the race, to the Special Olympics parking attendant or you may pay it the day before at Friday’s packet pick up.  If you donate the night before, we will give you a parking pass to hang in your window, and you can save your cash for the bake sale and snow cones!  And on Friday, Special Olympics will be at the bike shop for packet pick up serving ice cream to all the diamond kids.  Don’t forget, Diamond Kids and a parent BOTH have to be there for packet pick up and body marking, etc.

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