Clark County Jr. Triathlon

poolSign up today for the Clark County Jr. Triathlon (held this Saturday, September 26 at 8:00 am).  If you can make it, this is a good one!  It’s nice, easy, short, fun, and exciting!  My kids will have done it 3 times now.  And it’s right by the Desert Breeze soccer park so they can still make it to their (6) soccer games.  (Kids never run out of energy…it’s just us I sometimes worry about.)

Today, Thursday, September 24, 2009 Last Day to Register!

On-line Registration Link (or register in person at Desert Breeze, 455-7798 x 1 because 2 is gone for the day)

It is called the Aqdb Clark County Junior Triathlon and it is kind of hard to find on the website unless you type these things in the search:

  • Location: Desert Breeze Aquatics Facility
  • Sort by: First Meeting
  • Select: Future


Please Bring A Swim Suit, Towel, Suncreen, Bicycle, Helmet, And Closed-Toed Tennis Shoes. Check-In is At 8:00am And The Race Will Begin At 9:00am.

  • age 6-7: 50yd pool swim, 1 mile bike, 0.5 mile run
  • age 8-9: pool swim 75 yd, 1 mile bike, 0.7 mile run
  • age 10-11: pool swim 100yd, 1.7 bike, 1 mile run
  • age 12-13: 200yd pool swim, 2.1 mile bike, 1 mile run